Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Howard Marshack has received special training in Collaborative Law.  He has been involved in many successful divorces through the collaborative process.

The Collaborative Divorce process is a relatively new alternative to the traditional divorce.  It is often called a “no-court divorce”, “divorce with dignity”, or “peaceful divorce”.  The heart of the process is to offer support, protection, and guidance of your own lawyer without going to court.  The process is cost effective as it does not involve expensive litigation.  You have more control over the outcome as the settlement process is client-driven.  A team of trained professionals will guide you through the process.

The collaborative process is a way to resolve disputes respectfully, without going to court.  The collaborative process requires that each party to have an attorney with specific training in the collaborative process.  The attorneys are committed to the process and are contractually obligated not to take disputes to court.  Other members of the collaborative team may include neutral child development specialists, neutral financial advisors and others based on the nature and complexity of your situation.

Some highlights of the Collaborative Process:

  • A process that is respectful to all involved
  • A process whose goal is to arrive at a fair and enduring agreement the court will ratify
  • A process that is open, with respectful communication and information sharing
  • Representation from a trained, experienced attorney who is loyal to you
  • Professional support from neutral allied professionals as needed (child development specialists, financial planner, etc)
  • Creative solutions acknowledging the highest priorities of both spouses
  • A less expensive, more cost effective process
  • Negotiation rather than litigation