Howard Marshack is a trained mediator.  Mediation is a guided discussion of the issues in conflict with the goal of reaching an agreement.  It requires an understanding of what is important to each party in the context of their case as well as an understanding of the law.  Howard has guided clients to resolutions of their divorce issues since 1998.

He offers a two-room model of mediation for those whose conflicts are too emotional for direct discussions.  He offers a one-room model for those who can have direct but guided discussions of the issues.

Many of his mediations incorporate the direct participation of the parties and their respective attorneys.  Some mediations involve only the parties themselve who may consult their respective attorneys before confirming any agreements.

Mediations can involve the use of neutral experts to help with financial and parenting issues.

Some highlights of the Mediation Process:

  • Respectful to all involved
  • Designed to arrive at a fair and enduring agreement the court will ratify
  • A less expensive, more cost effective process
  • Negotiation rather than litigation